The Book of Friar

a short primer on my life



Name: m belmares / Ozzy Fox / Friar fox Residence - Houston,TX Birthday: 24 January Sun Sign: Aquarius (Moon in Cancer, Gemini Rising) Religion / Philosophy: Pagan (catholic / gnostic overtures) Orientation: Gay Hobbies: Art, Astrology/Tarot, Music, Writing, Psychology Influences: R. Crumb/Thomas Nast(art) Jack Kerouac, Fitzgrald, David Sedaris, Pat Susskind (literary,) Metallica,Beatles, Rilo Kiley, Pixies (music) opening the book: Who Am I? These words ring out through the ages, but being as I can only speak for myself, it is only the more fitting truth that I have always and will continue to be a strange and often impractical individual. Ah, but that is where you come into play. I am an artist, living up to my aquarian nature of friendship to all and wild eccentricities galore. The life Ilive is that of unbridled expression, the freedom to be as many would only dream of. My relations lead me to admit wholly the involvement I have taken part in for nearly ten years - the furry community, and its deeper, more sensual side - the babyfurs. This is simply a side-effect of the quirks lying in the depths beyond comprehension. I hide nothing.
(c) 2009-2011 M Belmares / Friar