Contact Info and



You can reach me at
Email:blotterfox AT gmail dot com
AIM: Ozzy the Fox
Skype: tylahn
yahoo: diapered_fox
twitter: OzzytheFox


Here are the rates of
the different services I provide.
Artsketch/icon $5conbadge $10*Commission $25*Comic $50
*Commissions involving two characters or less sell
for regular price. Additional characters can be
added for $5 each.
*Comics are a ONE PAGE - three panel comic with
character overlay.

I receive funds for my services via paypal.If
you should be so kind as to donate (puppy eyes)
the email is blotterfox at gmail dot com. either

Commissions pay for one change in details upon 
showing of sketch before final inking takes place.

I take payment in full 
up front - no work is commenced until
payment is received. Upon finishing the work, 
you are free to distribute the work provided 
none of my characters are involved.

Modification of a commission is acceptable. 
Subject matter of an excessively objectionable 
nature is subject to additional price
adjustments or outright refusal. 
(Although that is rare...)
(c) 2009 M Belmares / Friar